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Why I was told password is wrong?
Why I was told password is wrong although I did not change anything?

The newly updated app, when adding a new camera, requires you to input User, while the old version did not need that. So please input admin to the column of User.

Once again, the operations to add new camera is as follows:

1.      Connect the camera with your router by Ethernet cable. Make sure that your router and your phone have Internet access.
2.      Start Mustcam app, go to Camera screen, click the + at the right-top corner, and then put the cursor in the column of UID, scan the QR code on the label at the bottom of the camera, input admin to the column of User.
3.      Normally the password is already there and you do not need to input again.
4.      Click ok
Later after the camera is added successfully, if needed, you can go to the Camera screen, click the green gear icon, choose Advance Config -> Wi-Fi Config, and configure the camera from cable connection to Wi-Fi connection.